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About Us

My team at Table Fireworks have been successfully making people's lives more interesting for years (usually to the detriment of their own dreary existences) and I am delighted that our new website can offer you so many more products with some fantastic deals available. Many of our products are either reduced in price and / or come with some great bulk deals, we have achieved this by sacking all our staff and re-employing them on the minimum wage and cancelling outdated practices such as Christmas parties, bonus's and lunch breaks.

By paying staff ridiculously poor wages we can employ more, enabling you - dear customer - to receive your order in double quick time. Although our delivery time states "within 3 working days" in reality you should receive your order much quicker. Generally orders are dispatched the same day if placed before 14.00

Some FAQs

Q  Will we get our order in time and will we be impressed?
A  Yes

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